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A limited-edition of silk scarves and bags to benefit the birds, the bold and the beautiful, released to commemorate the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico - and to help its struggling water birds.

5% of the People for Pelicans profit will benefit International Bird Rescue, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to saving the Gulf's oiled pelicans and other aquatic birds in emergency situations.The socially driven silk scarves and bags are released to commemorate the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history. The economy and well being of the American Gulf Coast, including its magnificent marine wildlife, remain devastated. According to the official government tally,
4.1 million barrels of oil
leaked into the Gulf of Mexico.

In response and outrage to the consequences of the explosion - for people, for pelicans - nakedheel honors the beautiful water birds and their delicate importance in the ecosystem.Captivatingly other-era looking, with its dinosaur-like beak and exaggerated pouch - and down to a population of only about 100 in the Gulf of Mexico in the 1970s - the American Brown Pelican was among the first birds protected by U.S. environmental legislation. Over the next 40 years, the Gulf population was up to a promising 12,000 or so pairs. This led to the Bush-era removal of the American Brown Pelican from the Endangered Species List, effective November 2009.

Six months later, the BP Deepwater Horizon oil platform exploded.

The scarves and bags are for people who support, as nakedheel does, sticking their necks out with their everyday choices. In immersing themselves in the issues. In keeping substance, as well as style, close. A message wrapped into a scarf stays with us.

These are accessories for the elegant activist. They remind us, and tell others how lucky we are to be in fashion and be in a position to help those in need, whether it's human beings or animals who can't speak for themselves. With people for pelicans, the ugly truth is made beautiful, the message meaningful.

Spill Style, not Oil!

Shot by photographer Deborah Mittelstaedt.


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